85mg CBD Massage Candle w/ Copper(1) – 0.5oz – Vitality Blend

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Meet the only candle blend that helps us all stay strong, energized, and safe as we navigate this storm together. We’ve partnered with MitoSynergy to curate a topical that fuses their patented raw Copper1 powder with our CBD Massage Candle. Now you can not only get relief from CBD, but boosted immunity and powerful healing directly through the largest organ on your body, the skin.

Essential Oil Blend:
Mandarin, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Patchouli


Our massage candle can be used in a few ways.

1) Massage Experience
Light the wick and allow the candle to melt down a bit. This forms a small puddle of oil that contains jojoba massage oil with shea butter, vitamin e, soy wax, and CBD. Blow the wick out and pour the oil onto your body or the body of the person you are massaging. Rub consensually and enjoy!

2) Topical Balm
You can also use the candle as a topical balm without lighting it. We pour them into a handy on-the-go friendly container, so you can store it in your purse or car somewhere and swab portions directly out of the container with your finger to apply to areas needing relief.

3) Daily Moisturizer
After a shower, let the candle burn for a moment. Blow it out and pour the contents into your hand to lather the body for a maximum moisturizing treatment that will double as a protective layer of copper to last you throughout the day.

We use ours as a chapstick, we apply it to mosquito bites, we put it on our temples when we have headaches, we even use it on our wrists after typing long scientific blog articles. Tell us how you like to use your candle on our Instagram @parallelcandles!

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