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When you think about candles, your first impression might be a hot wax that burns your skin and a small candle that smells nice but disappears quickly. Although these impressions are accurate, they are not the only candles on the market. Parallel massage oil candles are a new type of candle that provides warmth, light and excitement, with a variety of added benefits. From pain relief to aromatherapy and warm massages, massage candles are a healthy alternative to regular candles that let you experience them–while connecting with each other.

How to Spice Up Your Love Life with Massage Candles

Massage candles are candles made with soy wax, essential oils, vitamins and other natural ingredients, making them skinsafe and harmless to the human touch. Soy wax is healthy, biodegradable, and melts gently into the skin. Essential oils and vitamins are easily absorbed in the same way. The result is a candle that once lit, can provide a variety of holistic healing properties as well as a fun, sensual way for partners to explore a night together.

Sensual touching is a practice that involves people interacting tenderly with one another, aided by the use of a device or product. Although the name implies a sexual nature, that is not always the case. Sensual touching is a shared experience and a practice of connection that breaks down the stigmas around intimacy–by reshaping the stigma around human touch. With massage candles, you can use the melted oil from the candle wax to encourage comfort and relaxation with friends and family, or intimacy and arousal in partners or groups. Whether you’re giving a calming massage using the oil to enhance the experience, or looking to try something new, massage oil candles provide an all-natural way to enjoy the warmth of each other–with each other.

What is a massage candle?

Massage candles are like regular candles, but better and healthier for both your skin and your environment. Here’s why: regular candles use paraffin wax, which is created from distilled petroleum. Because paraffin wax is made up of gasoline byproducts, it releases toxins into the air when burnt–amongst other negative side effects. Once a paraffin candle is lit and burnt, it has no other effects other than being a cheap candle.

Alternatively, massage oil candles utilize all parts of the candle–giving the user a complete, eco-friendly experience that results in stress relief, skin hydration, pain relief and more.

Parallel massage candles are made using a combination of soy wax, hemp extract, shea butter and jojoba oil that simultaneously soothe while healing. Soy wax is a healthy, environmentally friendly, all-natural alternative to paraffin-based candles, making Parallel massage candles a skinsafe option for an essential oil moisturizer or pain relief agent. As your candle melts, the natural ingredients reduce into an essential oil that can be rubbed into your skin (or the skin of someone else) for a warm, healthy way to spice up a romantic encounter or just massage out some aches and pains.

Whether you’re looking for a nice smell to envelop your environment or a holistic option for mental tranquility, massage oil candles are a non-toxic way to enjoy yourself and be enjoyed with others.

How to Use Massage Candles

Massage candles sound intimidating, but are actually quite safe and provide a variety of holistic healing abilities. When burning a candle, the wax melts into a pool that either evaporates or rehardens for the next time the candle is lit. With massage candles, the wax is made up of natural ingredients, antioxidants and essential oils–making it 100% safe for contact with human skin. Instead of wasting the wax, massage candles encourage users to enjoy every part of the candle.

Massage candles provide a variety of mental and physical healing capabilities, ranging from

aromatherapy to pain relief. This results in a beneficial alternative to modern techniques with an emphasis on connecting with yourself and others through a relaxing experience. The warm oil from the massage candle can be rubbed into your skin, allowing the restorative properties to make your skin smoother and more supple to the touch. The oil can also be used as a moisturizer, or an aid in sensual, explorative practices with other partners.

No matter the way you choose to enjoy your massage candle, the uses and benefits outweigh any fears of hot wax or the intimidation of something new. Parallel massage candles were built on the principle of mutual trust and understanding, and how a candle product can create the same dialogues around sensual touch and strong communication. The result is a plant-based CBD candle that not only relaxes your body, but grounds, aligns and revitalizes your spirit.

What are the benefits of massage candles?

Once the wax melts on regular candles, all that’s left is a burnt crisp of a wick and the remains of a fresh scent in the air. Massage oil candles utilize all parts of the massage candle to maximize your personal experience. In addition to creative smell combinations, massage candles offer users a sensual, romantic way to entertain–with wax that melts gently into your skin.


Whether you’re looking to spice up your night or indulge in a little adventure with your partner, Parallel massage oil candles provide a taste of danger without the fear of pain. The oil from Parallel massage candles is made specifically to melt into skin–creating a new way for couples to rub all up on one another in a fun, sensual way. Because this type of intimacy requires trust and consent, massage oil candles are a great way to open a dialogue with your partner(s) about their boundaries. By using effective communication, massage oil candles can create new levels of trust and closeness–to see what you and your partner(s) like, or don’t like.

Pain Relief

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on massages, CBD massage candles offer an inexpensive way to relieve tension and pain in your body. Parallel massage candles are all-natural, so when you rub the warm oil into your skin you’re letting your body absorb simple, plant-based ingredients that tenderly diffuse pain in targeted areas. They also incorporate the anti-inflammatory properties from CBD, shea butter and jojoba oil to reduce swelling in your muscles–and let your body heal as it should.


Aromatherapy is a holistic, therapeutic alternative practice based around the use of essential oils from plants, herbs and trees. By surrounding yourself with powerful, natural aromas, you can heal your body, mind and spirit–and Parallel is the perfect example of this. Our massage candles turn into aromatic oils that can be rubbed into your skin, adding the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy to your intimate times with carefully crafted blends to suit every mood.

Stress Relief

Besides the normal feelings of stress, stress can cause nervous tension and anxiety that affects your sleep patterns, as well as your mind. Parallel massage oil candles are made with all-natural ingredients that are proven aromatics–meaning they not only smell nice, but they soothe your body and spirit as well. By combining the anti-anxiety properties of CBD and the calming effect of massaging a warm element into your skin, Parallel massage candle oil can melt away your stress along with your candle itself.

Skin Hydration

Moisturizing is important. By allowing your body to absorb natural extracts, your skin can look softer, more supple and remove dead skin cells in the process. For Parallel massage candles, skin hydration starts with the wax. By rubbing the melted candle oil into your skin, the essential oils in the candle add moisture to your skin–making it look fresher and feel smoother immediately after use.

Where can you buy massage candles?

Although there are many candle suppliers out there, Parallel massage oil candles are the only candles that utilize holistic ingredients and practices to ensure that your body, mind and spirit are as relaxed and powerful as possible. The natural ingredients inside of Parallel candles melt and provide an essential oil that users can then rub into their skin for a variety of results, ranging from intimacy to stress relief and skin hydration. The benefits of aromatherapy differ from person to person, but it’s universally understood that if something brings you relaxation and comfort, then it’s worth chasing. For Parallel, the art is in the candle. By combining the antibacterial, healing effects of Jojoba oil, the vitamin-E richness of soy wax, the antiaging properties of shea butter and the anti-anxiety, anti-pain relief of hemp extract, Parallel has

created the first candle that is eco-friendly, skinsafe and entirely usable–so you can melt away your stress along with your candle.

To purchase Parallel massage oil candles, visit the website here. Our current favorite is the 3oz

“Grounding Blend” massage oil candle, made with hints of Nag Champa, Dragon’s Blood, Bergamot and Cardamom to ground, align and revitalize your skin, mind and spirit.

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