Using Copper on Your Skin: Heal Wounds, Fight Bacteria, Gain Energy

If this weren’t 2020, you might be caught off guard when being told to cover your body in copper to defend yourself from dangerous invisible creatures. Thanks to science and a whirlwind of serendipity, we are happy to inform you that you can find a huge range of proven benefits from melting down a copper massage candle and rubbing it all over yourself or your partner, including extra strength in fighting off viruses. In this article we will breakdown the major questions about copper and provide links to the credible sources we have used to gather this information for you.
Let’s dive in:

Why Does My Body Need Copper? 

First, we need to understand the basics of how your body uses copper. Your body doesn’t produce it, but it gathers it from quite a few different foods such as leafy greens, dark chocolate, lobster, some nuts and seeds, and more. (Source 1)

When you’re able to take in the proper amount of copper, your body uses it to:
– maintain a healthy metabolism
– generate strong and healthy bones
– absorb iron from the gut 
(Source 3)
– generate ATP, which is your body’s main energy source
– build a strong immune system
(Source 4)

The problem is, a lot of us are deficient in our copper intake.
Actually, a whopping ¼ of people in America and Canada are. (Source 2)

When you’re deficient in copper, you might experience: (Source 6)

1. Fatigue or Low Energy
This is due to your body generating less ATP, on top of not absorbing enough iron to pass oxygen to your tissues.

2. A Weaker Immune System
Copper is actually required for the maturation of red and white blood cells, which are your body’s first line of defense for fighting off viruses.

3. Memory or Learning Problems
In 2018, scientists proved that a large portion of Alzhemier’s patients were experiencing a copper deficiency. Your brain uses copper to supply energy to the brain, which also traces back to the generation of ATP. (Source 5)

There are also a series of studies that link copper deficiency to weak bones, spinal cord issues, vision loss, cold sensitivity, pale skin, and premature gray hair. Most of what we have learned about copper as a human race traces back to the concept that your body needs copper to generate ATP, your body’s main source of fuel. Your body uses Copper best when it is in the oxidation state of Copper1.

BioAvailable Copper1 PowderPhoto Courtesy of

The Difference Between Copper0, Copper¹, and Copper²

TL;DR: Plants absorb copper from the ground and electrically charge it.
We learned how to extract the copper from within the plants and use it as medicine

Copper 0 is copper in a stable form, like what you see when you see a nugget of copper, a penny, or a copper pipe. It has 29 protons and 29 electrons.

Copper 2 (Cupric Copper) is copper for plants in an unstable and oxidized form, like what you see when you see blue buildup on water pipes. It has 29 protons, and 27 electrons.

Copper 1 (Cuprous Copper) is copper for humans in a stable form, like the material we use in the candles. It has 29 protons, and 28 electrons. Having one more electron from Copper2 gives it one extra electron to spare, which it’s able to give to your cells and complete the electron transport chain — the key task your body goes through to build ATP.

The copper we have been using comes from our friends at MitoSynergy. They patented a special process in extracting Copper 1 out of plants.

Watch this video if you want to see a complicated process explained in a very simple way with clean animations. This was really helpful for us on our path to understanding. 

Using Copper as a Topical

When using Copper1 in topical form carried by ingredients like shea butter or jojoba oil, our bodies are able to absorb it in through our biggest organ (the skin) and help it enter into the bloodstream. This allows us to directly apply the ingredient our body needs for energy to anywhere and everywhere. (Source 7) It’s been proven that copper has anti-aging properties, and does TREMENDOUS work in healing wounds.

Let’s dive in:

Is Copper Good for My Skin?

There’s a really strong scientific study that was released in 2014 covering a wide range of benefits to the skin from copper. (This one) To sum it up, copper has been proven to help with:

(Here’s an article for that.)

Wound Healing
(Here’s an article for that.)

Healing Skin Diseases like MRSA, Lyme Disease, Psoriasis
(Here’s an article for that.)

Stretch Marks
(Here’s an article for that.)

Will Copper help with Coronavirus? 

Copper plays a huge role in the functions of your immune cells like B cells, T helper cells, and NK cells. All of these are cells that are there to fight infectious microbes and create antibodies. It has been proven that copper can kill several viruses like bronchitis, HIV-1, and polio. Furthermore, we all have access to scientific evidence that copper has the ability to contact kill SARS-CoV-2. It is wild to us that this isn’t more popular knowledge, but since this outbreak is continuing to plague our nation, our only option now is to boost up our immune system and fight this ourselves!

Here is an entire article, fully focused on the studies behind copper being used for preventative and therapeutic regime against novel coronavirus. 

Below is an image that shows the way bacteria reacts to Copper, listed as Cu+. 

Photo Courtesy of Pubmed.

We as a people are living in times that require diligence and standing up for what we believe in.

We at Parallel Candles believe that we can take matters into our own hands and use the resources available to us to create powerful products that empower us to stay healthy without breaking the bank.

The Vitality Blend

This leads us to the curation of a blend that helps us all stay strong, energized, and safe as we navigate this storm together. We’ve partnered with MitoSynergy to curate a topical that fuses  their patented raw Copper1 powder with our CBD Massage Candle. Now you can not only get relief from CBD, but boosted immunity and powerful healing directly through the largest organ on your body, the skin.

How do I use a massage candle? 

Our massage candle can be used in a few ways.

1) Massage Experience
Light the wick and allow the candle to melt down a bit. This forms a small puddle of oil that contains jojoba massage oil with shea butter, vitamin e, soy wax, and CBD. Blow the wick out and pour the oil onto your body or the body of the person you are massaging. Rub consensually and enjoy!

2) Topical Balm
You can also use the candle as a topical balm without lighting it. We pour them into a handy on-the-go friendly container, so you can store it in your purse or car somewhere and swab portions directly out of the container with your finger to apply to areas needing relief.

3) Daily Moisturizer
After a shower, let the candle burn for a moment. Blow it out and pour the contents into your hand to lather the body for a maximum moisturizing treatment that will double as a protective layer of copper to last you throughout the day.

We use ours as a chapstick, we apply it to mosquito bites, we put it on our temples when we have headaches, we even use it on our wrists after typing long scientific blog articles. Tell us how you like to use your candle on our Instagram @parallelcandles!


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