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Carefully crafted to open the powerful conversations about connection, consent, and intimacy.

Grounding Learn More

Our flagship blend spotlighting the power of CBD topicals with all natural ingredients.

Bergamot | Cardamom | Cedarwood

• Stay grounded
• Increase sense of stability
• Restore balance


Root Chakra

“I am enough as I am”

Vitality Learn More

Boosted with Copper1 for charging cells and healing the body.

Sandalwood | Patchouli | Jasmine

• Restore passion
• Envoke pleasure
• Accept emotions


Sacral Chakra

“I am both sensitive and strong”

Empowerment Learn More

Boosted with Ginseng for brain function, blood flow, and sexual performance.

Lemongrass | Ylang Ylang | Marjoram

• Energize self-esteem
• Enhance sense of purpose
• Motivate action

manipura (1)

Solar Plexus

“I accept myself completely”

Frequently Asked Questions

A massage candle is a candle that can be melted down and used as a skin-safe massage oil.  

Unmelted: Simply scoop from the candle and apply generously to the body as a moisturizer, pain relief balm, or chapstick.

Melted: Light the wick, let the wax melt, blow out the wick, then pour onto the skin.

Yes! We only use skin-safe essential oils, no artificial fragrances or cheap Amazon blends. That said, when trying out a new blend we always recommend trying it on a small part of your body first. 

Yes! With a minimum of 500 units. Contact our wholesale department at 720-979-2175 to discuss. 

All orders are processed same day before 4pm. We ship all packages USPS Priority. They quote 2-5 days to arrive after we ship. You will get a tracking number from us once your order is shipped. 

Yes! Free shipping does not apply however.  

No! CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient that we source directly from Colorado hemp. We add the CBD by using a Broad Spectrum Hemp Distillate containing CBD and CBG, with the THC completely removed.

It is very lubricating, but we do not recommend ingesting the candle contents orally, vaginally, or anally due to the nature of essential oils being used. 

Copper1 is a bioavailable Copper supplement. The Copper has an extra electron available to give your body in the process of creating ATP (energy for cells). It’s fused with Niacin to make it bioavailable. See Mitosynergy.com for more info! 

Our 3oz blend can last typically for 5-10 full body massages. If using more as a chapstick or smell booster that you keep in the car, it can last for months! 

The 0.5oz version is intended to last for 2 good full body sessions as a sampler. 

It’s the only candle of it’s kind for using CBD, CBG, and unique blends of essential oils alongside special ingredients like Copper and Ginseng!

Ginseng is used all over the world for skin health, mental clarity, and increased blood flow! 

See our blog for a full breakdown including all of the science. 

Explore intimacy. Deepen connections.

Parallel. It’s about seeing into each other’s Parallel Universe and recognizing that we’re all on the same journey towards feeling better.

Built on passion.

Parallel Candles is (and always will be) mainly operated by two humans that strive every day to find new ways to strengthen their communication and hold space for one another.
Paige & Tyler are a Michigan couple who come from varying backgrounds in product formulation and performance art. After years of working in a corporate CBD world, they recognized a need for something more simple. Something clean, and something to use as a tool for enhancing their relationship with each other as well as the ones around them.
We at Parallel Candles vow to continue diving into the conversations around consensual touch & open communication, and crafting a reasonably priced product to bring us all closer together.
For us, it’s not about having thousands of products and being everywhere all the time. We just want to hear you on your needs and be here for you to keep crafting a tool that will bring healing sensations into your life and longevity to your relationships.
With yourselves, and with one another.
Connect with us and our community on Instagram @parallelcandles. Our DM’s are always open to your feedback. We look forward to growing with you!
Paige & Tyler

Light it. Pour it. Rub it.

A natural relief balm fused with a sensual massage candle using simple organic ingredients to bring us all closer together.